Balance It

Balance It

Come experience the excitement of playing Balance It, a game in which physics is king. To help the main character escape, you'll have access to several items. The goal is to get your character to the end of the level without running out of supplies; therefore, you'll need to come up with a plan to do that. Passing harder levels will force you to think more strategically and logically.


How To Play

In this game, our protagonist utilizes a drone to travel around, wakes up in a room full of plastic fans, and must use a set of dumbbells to find his way out of the house. Keep him on track and make his life as easy as possible. Create some breeze by turning on a fan. That guy is yours to do with as you like now. He can be made to fly by strapping him to a drone and pulling on his arms in one direction through a door. To complete the difficult stages and access the hidden areas, you'll need a strategy.


  • Bright, realistic 3D images
  • Strive to become more strategic
  • A simple yet entertaining and engrossing game

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