Falling Asleep Weird

Falling Asleep Weird

Falling Asleep Weird is an amusing and unique arcade game. Help the man in suits get to bed after a long day at the office. However, you may encounter some unusual and humorous roadblocks.

How To Play

Assist the weary suit guy in navigating his way past the strange challenges and into his comfy bed. Challenge yourself by making your way through a wide range of difficult levels rife with odd perils and surprising twists. You'll have your reflexes and problem-solving skills put to the test by the grotesque creatures, zany gadgets, and mind-bending riddles you'll meet. You'll need to use your intelligence and forethought to figure out the best strategies and routes for completing each level. Conquer every challenge standing in the way of our exhausted hero's safe return to bed. Prepare to embark on a humorous and action-packed gaming adventure!


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