Agent Fall 3D

Agent Fall 3D

Embark on an exciting yet dangerous and thrilling adventure in Agent Fall 3D. Your goal is to smoothly touch down. To succeed, you must fend off obstacles' attacks within a set amount of time. But to succeed, you must get there in a set amount of time and securely. Do you have the courage to confront success?


How To Play

You'll need to use your abilities and reflexes in this exhilarating game. Your main objective is to land on the ground without smashing into any obstacles, which is a straightforward but difficult task. Obstacles and hostile opponents are constantly a threat to your success. You will go out on a perilous mission as a daring agent through a sequence of high-altitude freefalls. demands precise and dexterous control over his landing. And plan ahead and execute flawless movements to finish every level before the timer expires.


The WASD or arrow keys


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