Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Start an exciting trip with a festive Christmas atmosphere in Xmas Dash. With extremely cute Christmas graphics, with a square Santa Claus icon updated from the legendary Geometry Dash interface. Conquer obstacles by jumping high at a fast pace. The game requires high dexterity and agility. If you hit any sharp knife, you will lose.

How To Play

Embark on your challenging journey by overcoming rows full of obstacles such as sharp blades, pits, high steps, etc. With fast-paced gameplay, blocks and space will run automatically; your task is just to press the spacebar to jump, avoid sharp knives, and pay attention to upcoming obstacles. Observe and operate the control keys to avoid collisions and falling into knives or deep holes. Otherwise, you will lose and start from the beginning. Enjoy beautiful Christmas graphics and cheerful background music that will definitely keep you addicted for hours. Have fun!

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