Wugy HalloweenTower War

Wugy HalloweenTower War

Playing Wugy HalloweenTower War is a great way to have fun while learning about physics and strategy. Numerous riddles await you, all of which will test your thinking. Drag your strong heroes throughout the globe to discover hidden areas, gain access to new abilities, vanquish dangerous foes, and save the princess. Make an effort to get the necessary items to win the battle and solve all the problems.

How to play

As players, you aid the villainous blue-stuffed monster, Huggy Wuggy, in an action-packed game full of battles and a rush of adrenaline. Try your hardest to make it through a really unique duel. You'll use the mouse to guide Huggy through the towers' levels, targeting adversaries with a lower number than his so that he can take their power and use it to take down greater enemies. There are more and stronger foes as you progress through the levels, so you'll need to constantly adapt your tactics to stay ahead. Use the blue weapons for an increase in strength, and always try to save Missy if that becomes a necessity.


Use the mouse.

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