Wrestle Bros

Wrestle Bros

Participate in thrilling boxing matches in Wrestle Bros. Choose your favorite, strongest wrestling character and start the match. Before competing in the ring, be prepared to practice hard; you will be competing against muscular and powerful wrestlers. Throw powerful punches and kicks at your opponent. Will you become the winning wrestler?

How To Play

Show your strength and wrestling skills in the ring. Compete against the world's most famous wrestlers, who possess strong, muscular bodies. However, don't worry. Choose your favorite wrestler character and start the match. Your mission is to become the last winner standing in the ring. Deplete your opponent's life by throwing powerful punches, kicks, wrestling, and knocking them to the ground. Continuously attack with powerful combos that combine punches, kicks, and objects, making it impossible for opponents to resist. At the end of the match, you win and get on the leaderboard. Become the wrestler that dominates the ring!


Single player

  • AD or left and right arrow keys = move
  • W or up arrow key = jump
  • S or down arrow key = block
  • Space, G, or L = action

Two players

  • Player 1 uses WASD + G
  • Player 2 use Arrow keys + L

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