Wheelie Bike 2

Wheelie Bike 2

Try to keep the front wheel of your bike off the ground for as long as possible in Wheelie Bike 2. In order to rack up points, you must guide the match guy as he rides the bike forward. The matchman's equilibrium must be maintained. There is zero chance of a rollover or landing on the wheels. How many perfect scores are you able to maintain? 

How to play

It's time to flaunt your prowess as a cyclist in Wheelie Bike 2. Get on your bike while wearing your protective headgear. Enjoyable online bike driving game in which you must pop a wheel and try to reach the level's end. The game calls for the higher front wheel of the bicycle. You must complete each level without colliding with any obstacles. In addition to being a healthy and entertaining mode of transportation, cycling may also be taken to extremes with the addition of various tricks. Once it touches down, the score is final. As you go through the game's 50 stages, you'll unlock new bikes. To complete Lagged, you must complete all stages, unlock all bikes, and pop a wheel for at least 10 seconds. Do you want to display your superiority by getting the highest marks possible?


Use your mouse

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