Volley Random

Volley Random

Volley Random invites you to participate in an exciting volleyball match between two humorous stick figure teams. Control the character's ability to perform funny jumping moves, hit the ball, and attack. Score the most goals and become the final winning team. Have fun!

How To Play

It's time to show off your ultimate volleyball skills. Immerse yourself in the fun stick figures' colorful graphics. With funny, quirky ragdoll physics, control a stickman to pass the ball. Make the match filled with laughter with every passing move and jump of each stickman. This is another aspect that contributes to the game's increased difficulty and control. Take control of your character and make passes to score as many goals as possible. Players can compete against the CPU in single-player mode. Alternatively, you can challenge your friends in the two-player mode. Have fun!


  • Red player: W = jump
  • Blue player: Up arrow key = jump

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