Vex 6

Vex 6

The renowned stickman game series Vex has returned with Vex 6, in which players must use their running, jumping, and diving abilities to stay alive. Once again, you'll encounter difficult levels brimming with cunning traps as you embark on nine additional acts. There are hidden traps and obstacles in every level of Vex 6. In order to advance to the next level, you must ensure that you reach the exit without incident. Let his acrobatic skills shine! Have a great time!

How To Play

You have to reach the terminus of each level in order to complete it. There are several obstacles, like sharp spikes and saw blades, that you must avoid. After you finish an act, you unlock the hardcore option, which adds more dangerous hurdles for you to overcome. Some of the hazards include slipping and falling off a platform, crashing into a saw blade, leaping into sharp spikes, or simply misjudging your motions and crashing into them. If this occurs, you'll lose control of your character and have to start over from the very beginning. If you're quick enough, you can finish all the levels at top speed and earn a gold medal. The capacity to think on your feet is also vital, as you'll need to make split-second decisions to avoid the many traps and obstacles that litter the levels.


  • Vibrant, two-dimensional visuals
  • Simple interface
  • A variety of challenging levels
  • A difficult level to create
  • Various awards are to be won
  • Exciting and rapid-fire gameplay

See the rest of the books in this series while you're at it! VEX 3 Xmas is a great place to start. Have fun!

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