Super Mario MineCraft Runner

Super Mario MineCraft Runner

Embark on an exciting adventure with Mario to rescue the princess in Super Mario MineCraft Runner. Run, jump, and overcome a series of dangerous obstacles and traps. Go as far as possible with the points you earn. Fight against dangerous monsters in the forest, and explore many dangerous lands with giant mountains. Upgrade and improve your character's speed and strength. Have fun!

How To Play

In this game, the player must overcome a series of obstacles, such as jumping over walls, sliding under fences, avoiding bombs, gaps, moving blocks, and monsters. Try to go as far as you can; the further you go, the more points you get. Keep running, and don't collide with barriers too many times. Remember, you only have a maximum of three lives. In order to triumph over obstacles, one must vigilantly monitor the road conditions and anticipate future events. Also, in order to purchase upgrades, you'll need to amass quite a bit of coinage. Accumulating gold coins allows you to purchase additional characters, boost your stamina, and increase your speed. To keep track of all the coins you find, be sure to get magnets.


  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Up arrow key to jump.
  • Down arrow key to slide.
  • Left arrow key to turn left.
  • To turn right, press the right arrow key.

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