Duel of Builders

Duel of Builders

Immerse yourself in the classic graphics of Duel of Builders. Embark on an exciting adventure with two funny pixel characters, jumping from building to building and collecting wrenches falling from above. Calculate your jumps accurately to avoid falling on the platform. Defend yourself and fight your opponents before they do it to you. Will you become a winner?

How To Play

Embark on a fun adventure in a colorful pixel world. Control your pixel character to participate in a fierce battle. Try to collect many wrenches falling from the sky, which are the main weapons to help you defend yourself and fight against formidable opponents. The game trains your quick reflexes and ability to master the control keys. Will you be the last surviving hero? Let's start to see how far you can go. The higher you go, the more difficult the levels will be. Invite your friends to play together and enjoy hours of fun gaming. Have fun!


  • Player 1: W, A, S, D: Movement R: Change Weapon Space: Attack
  • Player 2: Arrow Keys: Movement O: Change Weapon P: Attack

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