Stickman Epic

Stickman Epic

Stickman Epic invites you to join the fight against malicious zombies. Start conquering the mazes, kill the zombies raging on the road, and collect coins. Control the hero to attack enemies. Complete the levels by killing all the zombies. Upgrade advanced items to help you increase your strength and conquer difficult levels.

How To Play

Are you ready to participate in this exciting battle? Your hero has appeared. Get ready to explore mysterious mazes and save the world by destroying hordes of malicious zombies. Your task is to control your Stickman hero to run and jump on the platforms while destroying the zombies that appear along the way. Attack them before they attack you. Pay attention to the fact that zombies have bows; they will shoot and injure you. Avoid and attack them; destroy them quickly. For each zombie you kill, you will receive additional coins, so collect them. You can upgrade your strength and equip additional weapons with 72 different armor options to counter your opponent's attacks. Fight six different bosses, conquer 15 levels, or play Survival Mode. Show off your fighting skills!


  • W/up arrow key = jump
  • A/left arrow key = move left
  • D/right arrow key = move right
  • Space = hit

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