Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter invites you to join a battle between famous stickmen. You will participate in fierce and energetic competitions. Show off all the skills you have, perform jumps, deliver dangerous blows to your opponents, and knock them down. Pick a favorite character; each character will have a color and special moves. Can you become the winner?

How To Play

Get ready for an exhilarating competition in Stick Fighter. Famous stickmen from all over the world will compete to become champions. To start, choose a stick figure. At first, you will have two character options; you can unlock them by exchanging stars through your winning matches. Also, try to compete well with many stars, and you will be able to unlock many more levels. Each new character and level will bring completely new experiences. Show off your skills, perform jumps, dives, and dangerous kicks on your opponents, and knock them down. Try to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible; you will receive more stars. You will become more proficient at your skills as you play for a while. Have fun!

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