Big City Battle

Big City Battle

Big City Battle invites you to participate in epic battles in the city. Show off your honed fighting skills by unleashing powerful attacks on your opponents. Avoid, jump, and knock down opponents with a powerful kick. However, be very careful to avoid your opponent's attacks in time. Can you become the ultimate winner?

How To Play

Get ready for a tough battle in Big City Greens. Where you will compete against many great opponents. Choose the character you want to play for and start your battle right now. Pay attention to taking your grandmother's training course before starting to compete. Those are the skills, controls for jumping and kicking, and many tips to help you fight better. After training, it's time to show off your skills. You can choose to play alone with the CPU or in two-player mode (play with friends). To win, land more hits on your opponent, causing them to deplete their health bar. Win 2/3 times to win the final game. In addition, you can perform combo attacks to double your power through superior attacks against your opponents.


  • Use A to dash backwards and avoid attacks.
  • Use the D key to dash to the right and perform an attack.
  • Use the W key to perform the best attack, even a double jump.
  • Use the S key to knock down a powerful kick.
  • Use the spacebar to perform a special attack when you see the meter is full.

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