Stick Arena 3D

Stick Arena 3D

Embark on a journey full of mystery and excitement in Stick Arena 3D. Explore and overcome 40 different levels of challenges and mysteries to unravel. Each level will pose a unique challenge and enemy that requires players to have a plan and agile strategic thinking to win. Prove your skills by defeating enemies and conquering difficult levels. Get on the leaderboard for your remarkable achievements!


How To Play

The player must use his abilities to traverse 40 levels of an enigmatic environment, beat foes, and uncover secrets in this action-packed adventure. It takes quick thinking and strategy to overcome the obstacles and adversaries that each level presents. Utilize your cunning and abilities as you navigate breathtaking 3D worlds, each one offering its own unique set of obstacles. Take in the stunning visuals that make Stick Arena 3D come to life and elevate your game experience. Feel the exhilaration of a game that tests your limitations and abilities in a strategic way while you venture into the unknown. Defeating foes and discovering hidden worlds will put your abilities to the test. 


  • Use the ARROW KEYS or W A D to move.
  • Use the LEFT CLICK button on your mouse to shoot.

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