Squid Run

Squid Run

In Squid Run, players must run through a path filled with dangerous obstacles and attempt to survive. Inspired by the famous game Squid, with pixel graphics that take players on a fun but very difficult challenge. Overcome all the dangerous obstacles with your wide range of survival skills. It's harder than you think! How far can you go?

How To Play

In Squid Run, embark on an exciting journey filled with exhilarating music! The design of this survival game incorporates numerous obstacles. Your task is to control the character to avoid spikes, poisons, traps, and deep holes and not get caught. Run, jump high, crawl, and dodge obstacles quickly. The fast-paced game requires lightning-fast reactions to any obstacle that appears. Always be alert and react promptly; dangerous obstacles are everywhere. Don't let any carelessness happen; otherwise, you will lose your life and have to start over. Good luck!

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