Ninja Climb

Ninja Climb

Become a true Ninja with super powers in Ninja Climb. Try to jump on the roofs of tall buildings, avoid obstacles, and complete your mission. Many dangerous obstacles challenge your skills. Prove your superior skills by achieving the highest score.

How To Play

Your goal in this game is to climb as high as possible. Your player character will be able to climb up on his own as the game starts. Various obstacles may pop up along the road; to escape them, you must guide the ninja to jump to a different wall. Balconies, signage, wall lights, and a plethora of other barriers are among the As you ascend, prepare yourself for a more challenging climb. extra items as you go; for example, a ninja kite can take you many meters into the air. Shields can help you avoid collisions with barriers. Your score increases as you ascend. For instance, if you acquire the jetpack booster, your character will be able to soar through the air and avoid all the hazards in the top areas. Best of luck!


  • Vibrant, two-dimensional visuals
  • Simple to use
  • Exciting gameplay with a wide variety of boosters to collect
  • Levels that never end


  • Use the mouse to play
  • Click/tap to jump

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