Squid Game

Squid Game

Free multiplayer survival game, Squid Game. Play 7 minigames with 30 other players based on the wildly popular Netflix series Squid Game. The Pink Soldiers will remove you from the game if you fail any of the challenges. Will you lose your life trying, or are you competent enough to win the huge prize?

How to play

Make your area and nickname selections before clicking join to join a game. In just a few seconds, you'll be added to a room and ready to take on this merciless task! In a sprint to the finish line with a wide cast of characters, compete to be the last guy standing. In order to win the race, you must go to the huge doll as soon as you can. Red Light, Green Light's initial mini-game requires you to approach the doll covertly without drawing attention to yourself. Two armed men will kill you, and the game will be over if you continue moving and don't stop. If you want to cross the finish line without getting hurt, you must adhere to the red-light-green-light system. Participate in the game right away to prevent being shot by the Masked Men!


The left mouse button must be clicked and held to advance. To stop your character, click and release the button. Keep an eye on the lights in the top right corner and the top left corner for your remaining time.


  • 7 tough challenges to survive.
  • 30 participants can play in one internet room at once.
  • Online Squid game with multiplayer are what they are.
  • You'll get better at Squid Game the more you play!
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