Embark on a challenging strategic adventure in Snake This game is the ideal blend of classic worms and 2048 gameplay. Control your cube to move, collecting smaller-numbered cubes. Avoid larger blocks and quickly amplify your size. To dominate the game, become the biggest block!

How To Play

It's time to join in the exciting race to dominate the Cubes 2048 playground. Your task is to control your cube as it grows to become the largest cube. By collecting blocks of numbers smaller than yourself, similar numbers will help you increase your number size by many times. However, be mindful and cautious to steer clear of larger blocks of numbers, as a single touch can lead to your elimination. A tip to help you quickly outperform other players: continuously collect numbers of the same value as in the classic 2048 game. Become the biggest block to dominate the game and drown out smaller players.



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