Fish Eat Grow Mega

Fish Eat Grow Mega

Embark on an exciting adventure under the beautiful ocean of diverse fish species in Fish Eat Grow Mega. Start with a small fish with a score of 10, followed by countless other fish of different sizes with scores on top. Control your fish to eat other fish that have lower scores than you. Grow in size to become the largest fish in the ocean!

How To Play

Immerse yourself in the cool blue ocean scenery with different types of fish. Control your fish swimming in the ocean, eating smaller fish to increase their size. Avoid bigger fish; don't let them eat you. If they eat you, the game will end. Don't forget to collect coins scattered along the way. Pay attention to the number of points you own to have the fastest strategy to increase size. Besides, pay attention to other dangerous creatures and bombs, you will lose your life if you touch them. Eat fish that are bigger but smaller than your score. Invite your friends to play in two-player mode and challenge them. Have fun!


Player 1

  • Move: W, A, S, D
  • Boost: C

Player 2

  • Move: ARROW KEYS
  • Boost: L

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