Leggy Rush

Leggy Rush

Leggy Rush tests your ability to overcome obstacles on a difficult track. Control your character by avoiding dangerous obstacles and collecting paws along the way. The more feet you collect, the faster the character will run and gain more points when reaching the finish line. How many levels can you pass?

How To Play

Get ready for an exciting challenge in Leggy Rush. To avoid dangerous obstacles, you must control the character left and right by clicking or touching the screen. Each level features a variety of obstacles, including blades, moving swords, and spikes. Learn how to control your character quickly; don't let any carelessness happen. If you let your character collide with any obstacles, they will gradually take away your legs. But don't worry; to replenish it, you need to collect the leg along the way. The more legs you have, the faster you will slide to the finish line. Try to score as many points as possible. You can use those points to upgrade your character in the store section. Complete the difficult levels behind. Have fun!

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