Push the Colors

Push the Colors

Get ready for an adventure with colorful blocks in Push the Colors. You will participate in a thrilling and epic competition, overcoming obstacles and formidable giants at the finish line. Try to build up power by accumulating cubes. To do this, you need to have a wise and intelligent playing strategy when moving through the maze. Play alone or compete with other players. Can you defeat the fierce monster in these levels?

How To Play

The objective is to get the blocks to the end of the level before you face the scary giant that awaits them at the end of the level. In order to accomplish this, players will need to gather cubes in order to level up and ultimately vanquish the frightening, multi-colored monster. Your power increases as you acquire more blocks. In order to combat gigantic adversaries, you must use your strategic skills to gather as many blocks as possible. As they navigate the labyrinthine levels, players must make strategic decisions to boost their cube count and, ultimately, their chances of victory. The vibrant graphics and lively gameplay immerse players in the game's universe, making it an exciting and entertaining experience as they try to complete each level and achieve the mission's goal. The color monster's downfall. Enjoy!


Player 1:

  • Move left/right: “A and D” or “LEFT-RIGHT ARROW” (Only in 1P mode)
  • Press at the bottom: “W” or “UP ARROW” (Only in 1P mode)

Player 2:

  • Move left/right: “LEFT-RIGHT ARROW”
  • Click at the end: “UP ARROW”

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