Sky Maze Challenge

Sky Maze Challenge

Join an exhilarating journey in Sky Maze Challenge and challenge your hand-eye coordination as you leap into the air in perfect synchronization. Get ready for an aerial adventure where survival depends on your timing and agility to avoid hazards and traps. Hone your leaping skills, prove that you can overcome gravity, and flaunt your exceptional hand-eye coordination.

How To Play

  • In this airborne labyrinth, you must use pinpoint accuracy and jump with deliberate risk-taking to escape. How well you navigate the airborne labyrinth will dictate how far you get at each level. The meticulous placement of each trap and barrier ensures an exciting and engaging gaming experience that will keep you attentive.
  • A succession of traps will challenge your reflexes and agility as you go through the game. Things like hopping over chasms, avoiding spinning blades, and negotiating shifting platforms are all part of the game. Becoming an expert jumper and navigating intricate mazes calls for a blend of talent, concentration, and resolve. The Sky Maze Challenge is waiting for you to show off your timing, agility, and precise skills.


  • With WASD you move; with Space, you jump or fly
  • Press Ctrl while you use the mouse to move the cursor around
  • Cround with C, skip the stage with Q, get items with E, use 1, 2, 3 for the ability hotkeys

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