Jumper Man 3D

Jumper Man 3D

Get ready for the challenge of exploring a wacky world in Jumper Man 3D. An addictive jumping platformer game with many challenging levels for you to explore and conquer. Run forward on the track and jump into the circles that help you come to life. Keep running and collecting new people in long lines. Conquer new horizons and collect diamonds. Have fun!

How To Play

Go on an exciting ride in a fun simulation world. Your task is to run on the track, control the character left or right, or jump on the platform. Try to jump into the circle to help the baby be born. Avoid hitting the edge of the circle; it will cause you to lose. Run, collect diamonds on the way, and guide the babies to run in a long line. Reach the finish line and fly on the beautiful mid-air with endless diamond strips that give you extra points. Increase strength by multiplying the number of people. How many new levels can you complete?

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