Short Ride

Short Ride

How many challenges can you complete in Short Ride? a game that requires many different skills to overcome the dangers that are rife along the way. Help the guy control the given vehicles to complete challenges in many different levels.

How To Play

Short Ride is a continuation of the famous game series Short Life. In this game, players can conquer 10 levels with different, difficult challenges. Control your character and vehicle to complete a series of dangerous challenges along the way. Control the speed and control the character appropriately; avoid hitting life-threatening blades. Staying safe is paramount. Don't forget to collect stars to receive rewards. Good luck!


  • Left and right Arrow keys (A, D): Move left and right
  • Up arrow or W: Accelerate
  • Space bar: Get on or off the bike

If you like this game, you can try similar game Short Life 2. Have fun!

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