Short Life 2

Short Life 2

Short Life 2 is a challenging game that puts players in a real-world survival scenario. Your goal as a player is to guide your character through each stage without letting them die a stunningly gruesome and agonising death. Enjoy!

How to play

Short Life 2 is the sequel to Short Life game. Short Life 2 contains 20 challenging levels and a wide range of physics-based gameplay options in a wide variety of genres. In each stage, you must survive to the very end, preferably without taking any damage. A variety of dangerous traps, such as circular saws, sharp pikes, and various fiery bombs, can be avoided using rapid reflexes and evasive manoeuvres, such as sprinting, jumping, and crouching. Your character's movements will require millimeter-perfect precision if he is to survive. So, as you guide your hero through the game's many levels, it will be important to ensure that he survives each one. Try to earn a perfect score of three stars.


  • Arrow keys to move left and right Left and right.
  • If you're crouched and press the Up Arrow, you'll immediately jump to your feet.
  • Press Down Arrow to Crouch
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