Scrap Divers

Scrap Divers

Join a charming robot in Scrap Divers as you race through a classic obstacle course at breakneck speed! In this never-ending tunnel, you must plummet without braking and without looking back while dodging walls, navigating deadly moving chainsaws, enormous blazing flames, and countless other terrible obstacles. Even though it seems easy, breaking all boundaries requires players to be extremely nimble and vigilant. Get ready to test your reflexes, face whatever challenges come your way, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind screw-collecting adventure! Have fun!

How To Play

  • The objective is to use your robot's movement controls to swiftly enter the hole or tunnel while dodging hazards of varying sizes, forms, and orientations. Dive as far as you can without crashing into those traps and obstacles; otherwise, you'll lose and have to start over.
  • Get as many golden rings as you can while you're at it. Gain points, customize your robot's interface, and more with its help. Your diving skills, equipment, and chances of success can be improved by upgrading your gear, buying better gear, and unlocking special abilities. Get rewards and unlock levels by completing objectives like gathering objects, reaching depths, or finding hidden places.


Use mouse/WASD/ARROW keys.

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