RigBMX2: Crash Curse

RigBMX2: Crash Curse

Perform breathtaking bike stunts in a surreal world in RigBMX2: Crash Curse. In this version, Rigby has transformed into a bicycle with a cute, wagging tail. Accelerate through hilly and steep roads and perform spectacular mid-air dives. Try to keep your balance and help Rigby reach the finish line safely. How far can you go?

How To Play

If you are a racing enthusiast who enjoys challenges, this is the game for you. The racetrack traverses rolling hills and mountains, featuring steep slopes and unexpectedly deep holes. Observe carefully and move flexibly in each terrain. Perform speed racing, drifting, and spectacular, heart-stopping mid-air dives. When landing safely on wheels, however, pay attention. Don't tip over or fall into the hole; you will have to start your journey again. Don't waste time having to start over. Try to go as far as possible! Help him escape from this strange world. Control tricks allow you to train and develop your skills. Have fun!


  • Use the left or right arrows to move.
  • Use the spacebar to wag the tail - straighten it up.

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