Pull The Pin 3D: Help Police

Pull The Pin 3D: Help Police

Become a brave police officer to catch criminals in Pull The Pin 3D: Help Police. You will have to perform missions to capture an escaping criminal. However, there are many simulated scenes that will make it difficult for you: thugs, zombies, and intricately designed pins. Pull the pins wisely to assist the police in completing their duties. How many levels can you weld?


How To Play

Are you ready for complex and difficult missions in these criminal capture situations? To become a real police officer, you need a lot of skills. In this game, players will simulate many complexly designed situations and many traps set by criminals at each level. Your mission is to catch the escaped criminal. Be observant and careful of the traps of criminals. Pull out the pins in order wisely, paving the way to catch the criminals. Watch out for thugs, zombies, and traps that can get you killed. Don't let that happen! Complete all the situations in the levels. Have fun!


Mouse click or tap to play

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