Help the Hero

Help the Hero

Help the Hero test his puzzle skills and courage while completing missions in the levels. In order to save a princess in danger and help a courageous hero gather treasure, you will need to tackle a number of challenging quests and riddles. To accomplish this, you must follow the precise sequence of cover removal, combine water and lava to create stones, unleash gas on your enemies, and do all of this while surviving and collecting all of the money!

How To Play

Your beloved is captive in the dark dungeon of dangerous goblins, who have abducted her and are torturing her with sharp and ominous traps. To obtain the wealth on the opposite side of each level, carefully follow each level's instructions and remove pins intelligently, avoiding traps. In order to reach the princess's arms, you must operate in a methodical and logical manner and answer every potential challenge. Is it possible for you to cautiously and gradually advance through each level? Let your brain and bravery be put to the test once more!

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