Pokey Stick

Pokey Stick

Pokey Stick is a wacky 3D game with fantastic controls, in which you throw your hero by dragging the stick. Compete in this heroic race and see if you can win. Learn to move and act faster than everyone else. Good luck!


How To Play

This game's mechanics are simple. Simply keep pulling back the stick to launch your character as far as possible and cross the finish line first. You'll need to soar as far as you can to clear the path of its many tall obstacles. A bar at the top of the screen shows the current position of the characters in the competition. If your rival crosses the finish line before you, they will have defeated you. Attempt to beat everyone else to the finish line. After completing a level, you'll receive a substantial coin reward. Earn as many coins as you can to go up the leaderboard.


  • Backing Top Performers
  • Simple manipulation
  • Vivid 3D visuals and great tunes
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