OddBods Go Bods

OddBods Go Bods

Help the two characters, Bubbles and Slick, conquer the challenges in each level of Oddbods Go Bods. Control the bike and help them complete their goals. However, along the way, there are many dangerous and challenging barriers. Help them achieve their goals across a variety of challenging levels.

How To Play

There are many dangerous stages in the game. Your mission is to make sure that every character at every level can reach the green platform in record time. To move, just click or tap the character. Find a way out, and do your best to clear the way. Moving the wheel, cutting the rope, pulling the lever, and perfecting the path are all necessary steps in this process. Make your character pause buttons to disable traps, or click them to clear them. Gain as many points as possible by completing the level as quickly as possible. The number of stars you can win at each level is proportional to your score. The maximum number of stars you can earn is 75! Are you able to get all the stars and complete each level as quickly as possible? I hope you enjoy!


  • Included are twenty-five distinct levels
  • Super enjoyable and tough-level design
  • Distinct challenges to surmount
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Amusing game play with 75 stars to acquire

If you like this game and want more challenges, try Down the Hill. Have fun!

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