NoobLox vs Garten 2 Player

NoobLox vs Garten 2 Player

NoobLox vs Garten 2 Player invites you to participate in an exciting adventure in a maze of evil monsters. In this dark maze, monsters are patrolling and will destroy you if you get close. Control your two characters slowly, destroy the harmful monsters, and unlock the next maze. Don't forget to collect coins. Explore different mazes through levels with your friend. How far can you go?

How To Play

Are you ready for this exciting but dangerous adventure? If you're ready, press the Start button on the screen. Your task is to control two characters to conquer dangerous mazes. Destroy monsters along the way while collecting gold coins. To destroy monsters, you just need to jump on them, and they will disappear. When the two characters safely reach the end of the tunnel, the game will unlock further mazes that promise even more difficult challenges. In the next tunnel, pay attention to the spikes and water holes along the way. If you hit them, you will lose and have to start your journey again. Team up with your friends to complete dangerously challenging levels. Good luck!

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