Steve and Alex vs Fnaf

Steve and Alex vs Fnaf

Get ready to join an exciting adventure through dangerous mazes in Steve and Alex vs Fnaf. In this dungeon maze, FNAF monsters are patrolling everywhere; just let them detect you, and you will lose. Take control of two characters, Steve and Alex, and sneak into the maze to collect all the gold coins and keys. Be careful not to let the FNAF monsters destroy you. Jump up and destroy them before they destroy you. With vivid graphics and interesting gameplay, the game brings challenges that keep players addicted for hours. How many of these mysterious mazes can you explore?

How To Play

If you are ready for this exciting adventure, press the start button on the screen. The two characters, Steve and Alex, are ready to control each other along the path safely, collecting coins and keys along the way. One point to note is that in this dungeon, FNAF monsters are everywhere and are actively patrolling. Don't let them detect you; they will destroy you. Hide slowly and kill them from behind by jumping on them; they will disappear. Once you have overcome these monsters, the red character must collect the red key, and the blue character will have to collect the blue key to escape this dark maze. Invite your friends to play together for hours of truly enjoyable gaming. Have fun!

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