Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge

Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge

Get ready to participate in this exciting game, Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge. Surely we are no longer strangers to the squid game, with two Noob vs Pro characters ready to join the challenge. Help him move forward carefully before the character turns his back and sees you moving. Quickly move forward little by little before time ends. In the next game, be the one who pulls the rope the fastest towards you to win. Your mission is to complete all the mini-games in Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge.

How To Play

The squid challenge is waiting for you, along with many friends on stage. The best way to spend time is to be a new friend and a pro friend and play a two-player game. In the first game, you must move forward without turning back. If the enemy sees your move, the game will be over. In the next game, you have to be careful when pulling the rope. Be the one who pulls the rope the fastest, and you will win. In the next game, reach the finish line with your friend and be the winner of all the games and your friend. Let's start testing your skills!


  • Noob Player: Press the "A" key.
  • Pro Player: Press the "P" key.

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