K Game Glass Bridge Survival

K Game Glass Bridge Survival

K Game Glass Bridge Survival is a 3D arcade game featuring Squid Game characters. You must leap over the glass bridge to finish each level and remain alive. To accomplish this voyage, you will receive guidance. As long as you commit it to memory and dance whenever you feel like it. After each level you complete, the road will grow longer. Good luck!

How to play

The competitors in the Ink Game, a survival challenge, are currently waiting for the Glass Bridge, the competition's next testing phase. You must aid your protagonist in surviving this perilous situation in the K-game Glass Bridge Survival. A glass brick bridge of varied thickness stands before it. Your hero's weight could cause some of them to break, sending him tumbling from a great height as he crashes to the ground below. The bridge has many holes and cracks, so even the slightest mistake could result in serious injury or even death. Keep your eyes glued to the screen. At the outset of the task, you'll see markers on the tiles that your hero can traverse. You'll need to keep track of them and then have your protagonist simply leap over them.

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