Monster Collect Run

Monster Collect Run

Monster Collect Run invites you to participate in an exciting shooting chase. The very creatures you fought against will reward you as you progress through various levels. This fresh mechanic turns every conquest into an opportunity to gain new abilities, making players wonder which creature is the most powerful in a diverse and powerful universe. Grab your weapon to prepare yourself for the perilous environment of Monster Collect Run!


How To Play

It is your goal, after destroying the monsters in each level, to progress through the game and reach the end. The player takes control of a platforming figure who carries a weapon at the beginning of the game. The presence of magnificent monsters, each with the audacity to stop you in your tracks, heightens the excitement of the hunt. By changing their course, you can direct them to gather jewels, bullets, and more! Along the way, you'll come across flags. You can find monster-spawning places here. You can dodge their strikes by adjusting your character's movement to the left and right. The game's levels offer a fulfilling sense of advancement and strength as you collect gems and bullets, which improve your firepower and double your damage. Are you up to the challenge of defeating every enemy and finishing every level?


  • Bright 3D visuals
  • Simple interface
  • Play fun games
  • A wide variety of foes
  • There are plenty of challenging stages to conquer. Eight unique monsters to defeat

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