Santa Run

Santa Run

Embark on a beautiful Christmas adventure in Santa Run. The Christmas atmosphere has covered the white-snow roads, and the pine trees have lit up. Becoming Santa Claus decorates the festive season splendidly. However, thieves stole the gold and other items. Embark on a high-speed chase on dangerous, snow-filled, busy roads. Help Santa collect items and avoid dangers. Good luck!

How To Play

Are you ready for an exciting and dangerous journey? Run along the snow-covered road with countless obstacles that will hinder your path: large icebergs, giant snowballs rushing down the road, passing trains, bridges, wooden slats, etc. Pay attention and act quickly. To avoid obstacles, make sudden left or right movements, jump high, and crouch. Move quickly and flexibly because the speed of obstacles increases with the distance traveled. Don't let a collision happen; Santa will have to start his journey again. With 280 points, you will get a golden trophy. Try to collect as many items as possible along the way. That will help Santa decorate the holiday very splendidly.

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