Embark on a deep underground gold mine exploration in MINER MOLE. Don't be afraid; this is a fun and amazing quest that will help you become a billionaire with the gold mines you earn. Control the character's ability to dig deep underground while avoiding thorny traps. How far can you go?

How To Play

Are you ready to become the bravest and richest miner in the region? Your task is to control the character's movement left or right and use the ax to dig blocks of land while avoiding dangerous spike traps. Please note that brown soil blocks will take you more time and effort to explore. The fast-paced game requires you to move quickly to exploit. If you touch the limit bar above your head or fall on the spikes, you will lose your life and have to start the journey from the beginning. Don't forget to collect gold coins; the more, the better! They can be used to equip outfits and tools to help you go further. Collect all of the deep underground gold mines that no one else can find. Conquer all limits!

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