Craft Drill

Craft Drill

Prepare to go on an exciting mining adventure deep underground in Craft Drill. Use the rotary device to dig deep into the ground to discover valuable resources: stones, gold, diamonds, etc. Steer the rotary nose in the right direction to collect as many precious items as possible. Use the collected items to upgrade your equipment. Have fun!

How To Play

Have you ever explored underground mining? There are many interesting hidden things that you can explore: soil, rocks, gold, and diamonds are hidden deep underground. Use the rotary device to dig deep into the ground, choosing the correct path to maximize your resource gathering. Unearth valuable treasures with your device and explore this extremely exciting quest. Avoid going in the wrong direction; your device will be buried by those layers and difficult to move. Enjoy the thrill of going deep underground to levels you've never known before. How far can you go?



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