In Search of Wisdom and Salvation

In Search of Wisdom and Salvation

The puzzle-based 3D platformer stealth game In Search of Wisdom and Salvation game, this takes place in a gorgeous post-apocalyptic setting. Playing as a robot, you must locate the book "Wisdom and Salvation" in this game. Assist and direct the robot in locating itself. Save him from the enemy's discovery. To navigate and get to the exit spots, use boxes and ladders. Enjoy!

How To Play

There were just a few survivors of the catastrophic global war that struck the earth in 2050, killing most of the people who lived there. A group of individuals who have survived aims to improve the future by taking lessons from humanity's past failures. The occupying forces in the area have seized the mystic guy who recently found a book that could lead humanity to a brighter future. The tribe sends a robot on a quest to locate the man and collect the important book. As it moves across the rebel group's territory, the robot must avoid getting captured by the guards. It is to happen inaudibly and silently. With his limited range of motion, the robot is unable to climb stairs or leap off walls. It is pretty strong, though, since he can push the boxes and climb over them to get past the obstruction in his path. If you're not sure where to go, simply keep going; the road will take you to the book!

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