Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag
Gorilla Tag is an action parkour game that will test players' stamina. You'll play as a gorilla and roam the jungle playground, chasing other players around and trying to steal their bananas. Get a rush from the adventure of tagging and being tagged as you make your way across the digital wilderness. It's time to let your inner ape out so you can become the top primate.

How To Play

  • Everyone takes on the role of a gorilla playing tag in any setting. From the vast wilderness to the bustling city, you have the freedom to select the ideal chase environment for you. You should avoid the epidemic at all costs because dealing with it will be unpleasant. A challenging and interesting game involves finding a way to the other side while avoiding gorillas. After being captured, the player takes on the role of a new gorilla, and the game continues as before.
  • Players can get away from the tagger by running, jumping, and climbing. It's important to keep track of your foes in the interim in case they spring an ambush on you out of nowhere. One player has been infected and must now tag other players in an effort to spread the virus. Keep an eye out for tagged gamers and avoid getting infected yourself.

Tips and Tricks

You need a plan for how you'll identify yourself. Selecting a suitable location is crucial. If you're the gorilla chasing someone, you'd better tag them before they get away. If you don't act quickly enough, the gorilla you just marked might tag you again. To successfully tag another monkey, pick an appropriate place, act fast when the opportunity presents itself, and then make a hasty exit.