Huggy Rescue Parkour

Huggy Rescue Parkour

Huggy Rescue Parkour allows you to soar alongside your companion while jumping over lava! Evil people kidnapped your cherished partner in crime. To open the door and save Kissy Kissy, gather a key from the platform. To get over barriers and lava pits, use the double jump. You must be cautious to avoid falling because some platforms have a timer for destroying them.

How to play

Your mission is to help Huggy rescue his girlfriend, Kissy, in this action-packed survival puzzle game. The platforms are spaced out at various heights, and you'll have to make some really impressive jumps to go from one to the next. In order to complete a level, you must free Kissy Missy from her cage by finding the key hidden within it while avoiding various traps, adversaries, and obstacles along the way. If you lose your footing and tumble into the molten depths below, you'll have to restart the level. Keep in mind that you and your buddy still have 30 more levels to complete before you can rest easy. Since the only way to free Kissy Missy from her prison is to possess the keys, you need to keep an eye out for them and gather them before approaching the gate. Now watch what you're doing so you can win the game of Kissy Missy.


  • Move around with W, A, S, and D; use the mouse to explore.
  • Press Space to Jump; Press and hold Spacebar for a Double Jump.
  • Enter Tab to Suspend Mouse Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.


  • First-person perspective
  • Unlockable skins
  • Challenging and responsive controls
  • 30 retro-styled levels

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