Rainbow Friends Horror Escape

Rainbow Friends Horror Escape

The independent horror video game Rainbow Friends Horror Escape is thrilling. To keep yourself alive, you'll need to explore the world map in search of toys, complete each level, and do your best to evade the Rainbow Friends. Only the most skilled and courageous players will be able to escape the army of monsters waiting for them in the twilight. Aiming to put their mettle to the test? Then it's time to plunge into true terror!

How to play

Your current predicament is the scariest one conceivable. The game takes place in a derelict toy factory. You take on the role of a stalker whose goal is to visit a derelict building and find some old toys. The "Rainbow Friends" tribe of stuffed toys calls that place home. These brightly coloured stuffed toys have evolved into vicious killers intent on destroying humanity. In order to avoid being added to their list of victims, you must gather ten playthings. If you wish to stay alive, you'll have to go on a toy hunt across the map. Strive not to be discovered by the Rainbow Friends. But our blue rainbow buddy and his pals aren't about to let the intruder off that lightly. Do you have an opportunity to escape?


Finding the required playthings is crucial to your continued survival throughout each stage. Be wary of being spotted while you search for your Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, or Red Rainbow Friends nearby.


Gameplay-wise, you can move with the WASD keys, jump with SPACE, run with SHIFT, and look around with the mouse.

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