Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story is an exciting adventure in which you must make your way out of the dark depths of a deserted mine. There are scary monsters to overcome in this 3D adventure game's universe. In order to escape the mines after five nights, you'll need to use your time wisely in Horror Night Story. the digging, fueling, and more!

How to play

Playing Horror Nights Story means putting yourself in harm's way and experiencing horrific scenarios. In this abandoned mine, there are swarms of terrifying monsters like girl ghosts and bats waiting to pounce on you. Your player character is one of two miners who have been sent to a new mine. There were no warning signs, and the trouble struck at the worst possible time. The guys were deep in the mine when they started hearing unusual noises. Disarray ensued as they drew nearer. Monster hordes swarmed the men and dragged away one unfortunate victim. You'll need nothing more than your legs and some luck to get out of this nightmare alive. You must now abandon the terrifying mine and flee from this insanity at all costs.


  • In-game cutscenes x 3
  • Exciting 3D visuals reminiscent of Minecraft
  • Displayed guidelines
  • The jump-scare element must be endured for five nights.
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