Hard Life

Hard Life

Hard Life challenges you to overcome dangerous obstacles to reach the finish line safely. Control the character to move, crawl, and jump over dangerous obstacles along the way. There are many dangerous obstacles that you need to be careful with at every step: blades, spikes, bombs, bows and arrows, etc. They appear everywhere on the way, so observe and react quickly. before them. Don't let them endanger your life. The game tests your situational handling skills and survival experience in a difficult life full of lurking dangers. How many difficult levels can you complete?


How To Play

Are you ready to equip yourself with survival skills and experience for this challenge? Let's start. Your task is to control the character to move through obstacles safely. Our character lives in a world full of dangerous obstacles: sharp blades, spikes on the path, bombs, or bows and arrows pointing at you. To deal with them and survive to the end, always look ahead and react quickly to unexpected situations. You may not be able to predict what unexpected situations will arise ahead. A tip to help you win is to learn how to control the keys skillfully and flexibly. They will help you control your character, avoid unexpected dangers, and preserve your life. The higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes, with a series of other obstacles appearing. Equip yourself with survival and combat skills to help you survive to the end.

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