Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy

In Gravity Guy, you can become a hero with superpowers who can walk on ceilings. Navigate the hero through intricately designed levels with different terrain. Using gravity to control the hero running on the ground or on the ceiling as long as the hero's feet are on the road. Go as far as possible, trying to reflexively navigate the hero quickly in complex terrain. How far can you go?

How To Play

If you are confident in your quick reflexes, test them out in Gravity Guy now. Your task is to guide the hero through intricately designed paths with many different types of terrain: stairs, broken paths, paths on the ceiling, etc. Be quick to react and navigate the hero's run when running on the ground path or on the ceiling path. Don't let the hero's feet touch the path; otherwise, you will have to start again. How far can you conquer?

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