Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Participate in an exciting yet exciting boxing match in Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers. You can win a match by knocking out your opponent or by punching him until he falls to the floor of the ring. The first player to win five matches wins the entire match.

How To Play

In various rings with lethal traps on either side, control a ragdoll to hurl punches at your opponents in an attempt to win. Whoever scores 5 points first in each match wins. If you want to knock your enemies down fast in a fight, you can run over them and push them to the edge of the platform, or you can punch them to lower their health. A power meter will appear beneath your character's health bar; when it is filled, you will be able to unleash your super punch in addition to your punches. Playing this game against the computer or against a friend on the same machine is a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy yourselves.


Player 1:

  • Forward/Backward: “W, S”
  • Punch: “A, D”
  • Head hit: “E”

Player 2:

  • Forward/Backward: “UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS”
  • Punch: “LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS”
  • Head hit: “RIGHT SHIFT”
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