Dunkers Fight 2P

Dunkers Fight 2P

Participate in a thrilling basketball competition in Dunkers Fight 2P. It was an extremely epic basketball match, and many fans are coming to watch your match. Show off your long-honed basketball skills. Win against formidable opponents!

How To Play

There are two game modes to select from when you first start the game. Water and fire dunkers are playing basketball. To the left of the water dunker is where you will find the fire dunker. In order to steal the ball and toss it into your opponent's basket when the clock reaches zero, you must manipulate your player. To assist them in jumping or running, use your fast reflexes and dexterity. Try to score as many points as possible by making as many slam dunks as you can. There is no clock in this game. Only one player scoring three points can declare the game over in basketball. Are you going to be the greatest dunker when you win?


Blue player

  • A to jump to the left.
  • W to throw the ball.
  • D to jump to the right.

Red player

  • Press the Left arrow key to jump to the left.
  • Press the Up arrow key to throw the ball.
  • Press the Right arrow key to jump to the right.

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