Frenemies: DC Super Hero Girls

Frenemies: DC Super Hero Girls

In Frenemies: DC Super Hero Girls, Join the fight as the DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl and stop the tinkering terror of Toyman in Metropolis. Those who care about the safety of the city must work together to ensure its survival. Whether it's Wonder Woman's warrior skills with the Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, or Harley Quinn's Pop Roulette blaster that fires off mischievous effects to do some good and some bad, every Super Hero and Super-Villain has their own special set of skills.


How To Play

Observe the Big Apple, Help aid the community by completing activities such as eradicating graffiti, retrieving lost kittens, and more. Even the enigmatic Hob's Bay can be recreated according to your tastes; simply construct new structures in the region and give them your own unique touches. Also, plan to come together at the show's most iconic hangouts, such as Metropolis High School and Sweet Justice, both of which are excellent backdrops for images to be uploaded to Superstapost.

Recruit both Super Heroes and Super Villains to help you combat crime and complete exciting missions all throughout the city. Always level up your favorite characters and use their powers to your advantage while the conflict rages on. Plus, get into character by donning the most spectacular Superstapost-ready attire and spiffy improvements to the current crime-fighting garb in your local mall.

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